Jekka's herb kits

Jekka's herb kits


At Jekka's we believe herbs are the most wonderfully diverse and useful plants, coming in all shapes and sizes, textures, colours, perfumes and uses. Not only do they turn a meal into a feast but a simple herb infusion can ease tension and lift the spirits.

We wish everyone to enjoy herbs and have developed a range of kits as a good starting point. Jekka's kits are:

  • Jekka's Grow At Home Spring Herb Kit: for the culinary gardener, a selection of herbs to brighten your borders and add flavour to your dishes.
    • Seeds: Borage , Chervil, Chives, Red Orach & Sweet Marjoram.
  • Jekka's Grow At Home Autumn Herb Kit: for the culinary wizard who wants to add something more to his winter feasts.
    • Seeds: Chervil, Coriander, Jekka's Salad Mix, Salad Burnet & Winter Purslane.
  • Jekka's Grow At Home Herb Kit: for the herb enthusiast who wants to add something special to their cooking.
    • Seeds: Coriander, Dill, Basil, Red Frills Mustard & Wild Rocket.
  • Jekka's Grow At Home Herb Salad Kit: for the kitchen gardener who wants to grow fresh, tasty herbs and vegetables.
    • Seeds: Jekka's Salad Mix, Mizuna, Red Frills Mustard, Red Lettuce & Salad Onion.
  • Jekka's Grow At Home Herb Veg Kit: for the veg guru wanting to become self-sufficient and start a mini veg patch.
    • Seeds: Broad Leaved Sorrel, Bulls Blood Beetroot, Cavolo Nero, Celery Leaf & Rhubarb Chard.
  • Jekka's Seed Sowing Herb Kit: for the horticulturists wanting to sow their herb seed collection.
  • Jekka's Propagating Kit: for the horticulturists wanting to propagate herbs, either by sowing or taking cuttings.
  • Jekka's "Grow on" Herb Kits: for the herb master looking to pot on their creations.

Growing indoors? Check out Jekka's blog on indoor herb gardening for some advice.

Jekka's herb kits are now available in Jekka's Gardeners Gift Boxes; the ideal gift or treat.

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