Herb plant enquiry

Culinary & medicinal herbs for sale in 1 Ltr & 2 Ltr pots

Jekka's is open for herb plant collections.

The majority of our herb plants are available in 1lt and 2lt pots and we also have some larger plants available on request.  Please check out Jekka's Looking Good Herb List for some of the plants that are available and in season. We will attempt to keep this list up to date.

Plants are available and you can organise a Farm Collection. Farm Collections can be arranged for any week day (Monday - Friday) between 8.30 am and 4:00 pm. Please use our webform below or email your list directly to us (sales@jekkas.com). Please note, our herb plants are not available via general mail order but but we do offer a limited selection of Jekka's Culinary Herb Boxes.

If you are unable to collect you could try Mission Impossible (0117 941 2255) or Martin Brother’s (0198 584 4144) courier services. We have not used either ourselves but a number of our customers have previously, For reference, our plants are packed in open top (non-stackable) trays in units of 6, each tray is roughly 35 * 45 cm.

Minimum farm collection order value is £20, which, depending on the herb plants ordered, is approximately 4 plants.

The Farm Collection process can be summarised as:

1. Browse Jekka’s culinary & medicinal herb plant collection. See Jekka's Looking Good Herb List.
2. Fill out the form below or email your list directly to sales@jekkas.com.
3. Include the herb plant name (latin or common), size (1 litre is approx. 12cm diameter, 2 litres is approx. 17cm), quantity and preferred collection time and date.
4. We will check our stock and availability.
5. We will email you an invoice of your order with a payment link (payment by debit card or credit card) or we can accept payment via BACS. We will highlight any substitutions where necessary.
6. Upon payment your herb plants will be assembled, ready for collection, for the agreed time and date.
7. Upon arrival at the herb farm, please phone the farm office (01454-418878) and a member of staff will meet you at the gate. We ask you not to enter the farm.

Jekka's seeds & gifts are also available for Farm Collection. Please purchase them online, through the shop as normal, and select "local pick-up" at checkout.

Please note, that we require 48hrs notice for Farm Collections and will email an invoice to confirm when your order is ready.

Please see our Terms and Conditions or Frequently Asked Questions for more information.