There are a number of options for buying herbs from us: we can send you seeds in the post, you can organise a Farm Gate Collection, attend an Open Day, organise a Private Visit or come to one of our Master Classes.

Our herb plants are not available via general mail order but but we do offer a limited selection of Jekka's Culinary Herb Boxes.

This is highly dependent on the plants you have brought. Please check out Jekkapedia for the specific plant information or Jekka's Blog on how to "Grow On" your herbs.

All plants at Jekka’s have been lovingly raised by hand on the farm and for more tips, check out our master class on ‘How to Grow Herbs’.

Annual - a plant that lives for just one season.

Biennial - a plant that produces leaves in the first season and flowers in the second year then produces seed and dies.

Perennial - a plant that lives for a number of seasons, most flower annually once established.

Please also read Jekka's blog on understanding herbs.

For more information, please check out Jekkapedia for each plant, linked at the bottom of each herb plant page.

Designing a herb garden is a very special experience but the design is dependent on your location, soil condition and, potentially most importantly, what you wish to use the garden for. There are numerous resources to start planning a herb garden. You can check out Jekka’s books that will give you some insight, come to an open day and talk to one of our experienced horticulturists or book yourself onto our Herb Garden Design master class.

Although we no longer carry the organic certified symbol all of our herbs are grown following organic and sustainable principles. All of our seeds are untreated and therefore can be used to grow plants organically.

Try cutting it back hard, bringing it inside and reducing watering and then keep your fingers crossed!

To make a chamomile lawn you should use chamaemelum nobile 'Treneague'. A chamomile lawns requires a south facing plot with well-drained soil. As you do not typically want a lawn to flower, it does not set seeds and is therefore, grown from cuttings. Please be aware this is a very high maintenance lawn and the plot needs to be well prepared before planting. We do not want to put you off but wish to you to be aware that it is not as easy as it may seem. For a lawn, we can supply Chamaemelum nobile 'Treneague' in plug form and we advise planting one every 6 cm. Let us know how many you need by emailing sales@jekkas.com.

A lot of our herbs have medicinal properties but we are not practicing herbalists and therefore, even if we believe in the medicinal virtues of herbs, we cannot advise in their use.

We harvest many of our seeds from Jekka's Herbetum and those that we cannot we buy in from trusted suppliers.

We have over 400 different culinary herbs in our collection that come from all over the world. Please search our seed catalogue and if you cannot find it please email us at sales@jekkas.com

Our seeds are dispatched all over Europe and further abroad, however, we advise that you check with your custom officer whether they will allow the varieties of herb you require before placing your order. We will dispatch your order but it will be at your own risk.

No, we have one price for everyone.

Yes where applicable.

Our entire catalogue can be found online on our website. Jekkapedia contains more information so that you can learn more about the herbs that you grow.

No, unfortunately we do not accept these vouchers. We do have Jekka’s gift vouchers available.

Please check out our returns policy on our website.

Please email us and we will see what we can do: sales@jekkas.com

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please contact us at sales@jekkas.com and we will try and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

We are delighted that you wish to gift a master class to someone. You can either buy them a gift voucher or buy a specific master class and include that the gift details in the note box on check out. We will send you the card about the master class that you can give to them.

Our website is secure and is built using Shopify. Alternatively, you can place your order over the phone on 01454 418878 or by email sales@jekkas.com or if you would prefer you can write to us at Jekka’s, Rose Cottage, Shellards Lane, Alveston, BS35 3SY.

We aim to deliver your order within 7 days. However, we are a working nursery so please bear with us. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries: sales@jekkas.com. Please also see our terms and conditions and delivery information pages.

There are a variety of pubs, hotels and barn conversions in the area; including: The White Hart, Littleton-on-Severn; Premier Inn Bristol, Alveston; Thornbury Castle, Thornbury; Old Church Farm, Alveston; Bishop Farm, Tytherington; The Barn, Alveston.

Please also see our additional information page for our Master Classes, which provides some more details.

We are very pleased that you wish to work at Jekka’s. Prior to sending your CV, please check out the current open positions and apply directly for a role. If there are no current positions, please send your CV to sales@jekkas.com and we will keep it on file. We apologise, but we are unable to respond to all CVs that are sent to us.

Come and visit the farm at an Open Day or join a Master Class. If you like what you see, we would recommend getting some practical experience on a working nursery as, although many days are wonderful, for example, seeing your seedling grow, there is the reality of cold long (sometimes wet) days as well. If you still have the bug, which we hope you do, you take an RHS course or apply for a horticultural position. Please check out our Careers page.

If you are unable to collect you could try Mission
impossible courier service – 0117 941 2255 – who a number of our customers have used recently. We also had a collection recently by Martin Brother’s,

For reference, our plants are packed in open top
(non-stackable) trays in units of 6, each tray is roughly 35 * 45 cm.