Jekka's guide to Thyme (Thymus)

What type of herb is Thyme?

Mythology & history around Thyme

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How do you grow and maintain Thyme?

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Thyme as a culinary herb

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Jekka's favourites

Jekka's Thyme (Thymus 'Jekka’s')’

A fast spreading, hardy evergreen, mat forming,  shrub with a good culinary flavour and lovely flowers in mid spring.

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Broad Leaved Thyme (Thymus pulegioides)

The large round dark green leaves have a strong thyme flavour making it excellent for cooking.

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Lemon Thyme (Thymus 'Culinary Lemon')

The lemon scented leaves make it an excellent culinary thyme for chicken and fish dishes.

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Jekkapedia: Thyme

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