Jekka's Grow At Home Herb Veg Kit

Jekka's Grow At Home Herb Veg Kit

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Jekka's grow at home herb veg kit is our new kit and all you need to start growing and using herbs and vegetables; just add love and water. Perfect for children and adults alike.

At Jekka's we believe herbs are the most wonderfully diverse and useful plants, coming in all shapes and sizes, textures, colours, perfumes and uses. Not only do they turn a meal into a feast but a simple herb infusion can ease tension and lift the spirits.

As mentioned in Jekka's guide to culinary herbs, in the past, vegetables were herbs. The word vegetable, meaning a plant grown for food, was not derived until the 17th century. Previously edible plants were all known as 'Pot Herbs,' referring to the cooking pot over the open fire not, as commonly believed, that they are grown in a pot.

We wish everyone to enjoy herbs and have developed this kit as a good starting point. It contains Jekka's special hand-mixed seedling compost as well as 5 packets of our seeds.

Growing indoors? Check out Jekka's blog on indoor herb gardening for some advice.

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Jekka's grow at home herb kit contains the following 5 individual packets of culinary herb seeds:

  • Bulls Blood Beetroot (Beta vulgaris 'Bulls Blood): This beetroot has stunning deep purple leaves that can be eaten when young. They are delicious both in salads or as a vegetable. You can also pull the roots to eat as a beetroot when large enough.

  • Celery Leaf (Apium graveolens):  The original Celery, a wonderful herb for the kitchen with many culinary uses. The young leaves and seeds can be used in salads, soups, sauces and in baking.
  • Good King Henry (Chenopodium bonus-henricus): The mid-green large goose foot-shaped leaves is the original Lincolnshire Spinach and can be used in salads or as a vegetable. 
  • Red Veined Sorrel (Rumex sanguineus var sanguines): It has mid green, lanced shaped leaves with striking red veins that adds both colour and flavour to salads.
  • Rhubarb Chard (Beta vulgaris 'Ruby Chard'): The attractive green and red veined leaves can be eaten raw when young or steamed to be served as a vegetable.

        For information on growing from herb seeds please see Jekkapedia, Jekka's video on how to sow seeds, Jekka's blog or Jekka's Guide to Culinary Herbs.

        Jekka’s grow at home herb kit contains:

        • 5 fibre pots – environmentally friendly, peat free, biodegradable pots*;
        • Compost – Jekka’s hand-made special seedling mix, which is organic (though not certified), vegan and peat free;
        • Perlite – for covering the seeds;
        • 5 packets of seeds – our untreated seeds that can be used to grow organic herb plants;
        • 5 labels – recycled lollypop sticks;
        • An introductory guide

        Jekka's grow at home herb kits can be followed on by Jekka's "Grow On" Kit - 1 ltr pots unless you wish to plant them straight out.

        Try Jekka's Grow At Home Subscription to regularly receive the joy of herbs through one of our culinary herb seed kits or a gift.

        *Fibre pot shape might differ to those in product image.

        To help you get the best out of Jekka's Grow At Home Herb Kits, watch Jekka's video below where she sows herb seeds into the biodegradable pots. Get growing herbs with Jekka's!

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