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Jekka's How to Grow It, is a series of educational videos we have made in collaboration with Candide

 Jekka's how to sow seeds, March 2019


We love propagating our herbs on the farm and growing herbs from seeds is so rewarding. It is also a very cost effective way of growing annuals. We sell over 144 varieties of herbs from seed in our online store. This 'How to Grow It' video is Jekka's step by step guide on how to grow herbs from seeds. You can also see our blog on Jekka's five top tips for sowing seeds.




 Jekka's how to take cuttings, March 2019


We propagate all of our herb plants at the farm in South Gloucestershire and one of Jekka's favourite tasks is taking cuttings. This is Jekka's step by step guide on how she successful takes her herb cuttings, following her organic and sustainable growing techniques. We run a number of Master Classes on taking cuttings, such as Year Round Herbs and How to Grow Herbs, see our Master Classes for more information.



These videos were made in partnership with Candide. Candide is an app for gardeners to find inspiration and knowledge. In their app, you will find places to visit, knowledge of what to plant in your garden and pictures from the community sharing what’s going on in their gardens.

Candide the app is a growing movement that encourages us all to reconnect with our gardens and share the joy of gardening.They believe that gardening is the root of happiness, and cultivates well-being for the mind and soul. We are happy to support and collaborate with them.



 Want to learn more? Check out Jekka's Master Classes or our video on Rosemary