Our Jekkapedia is our online version of our ever growing ‘Living Book of Herbs’, It brings together the knowledge we have gained over the past 30 years and not only lists over 400 culinary herbs that we grow in the Herbetum it also includes extras we simply could not leave out.  Like our plants, the following pages are growing both in detail and varieties. For more information on our herbs, please see Jekka's Guides in our 'All About Herbs' page, which includes Jekka's guide to herb families.

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Jekka's Herbs

We have been lovingly trialling, growing and propagating herb plants on the herb farm at Jekka’s for over 30 years. We follow sustainable, organic and environmentally sensitive practices and all of our herbs are grown for the British garden. You can read more about our Sustainability Approach in one of Jekka's Blogs or in Jekka's Guide to Growing Herbs in a Changing Climate.

How to buy Jekka's Herbs

Seeds are available through our online shop and plants are available from the herb farm. You can organise a farm collection, come to one of our Open Days or participate in a Herb Experience (see our events calendar). Please see our 'Looking Good List' for availability and use our webform or email your list directly to us ( We no longer offer a mail order service for our plants.

Click on the plants below for details on the individual herb. All information and photographs are copyrighted to Jekka's.


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