6 O’ clock Gin Jekka’s Edition Bouquet Garni
6 O’ clock Gin

6 O’ clock Gin Jekka’s Edition Bouquet Garni


Our new special edition gin celebrates the spirit of the garden and takes you on a journey from seed to glass.

This gin contains Lemon Verbena, Black Peppermint, Bay Leaf, Middle East Oregano, Italian Oregano, Common Thyme and French Tarragon. The herbs are delivered early in the morning from our herb farm and distilled on the same day with 6 O'Clock's strikingly smooth London Dry gin.

It is a wonderfully aromatic limited edition gin. Smooth and balanced with warming notes of tarragon which open up to reveal a long and refreshingly herbaceous finish.

£38 per bottle (price includes VAT).

Available to buy at our Open Days, whilst stock lasts.