Jekka's Colourful Easter Collection - 4 * 1 Ltr Herb Plants

Jekka's Colourful Easter Collection - 4 * 1 Ltr Herb Plants

Jekka's Herb Box

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Herbs are a feast for the senses and Jekka's Colourful Easter Collection is the ideal gift or as a treat for yourself.

Jekka has selected a range of different herbs that will provide some fresh flavour to your garden and kitchen. These herbs can be used in many dishes and we have included a recipe card for you to try as well as there being some more recipes online in our herb-based recipe section.

All our herbs are grown in the UK and are in the larger 1 Ltr pot (approx. a 13cm diameter). This means they are more established and are grown to survive the British climate. We follow organic principals and use a peat-free compost. Our pots are Roadside Recyclable Herb Pots. 

We have included Jekka's guide to growing herbs to give you some helpful tips on caring for your plants and there are some more details in Jekka's blog on growing on your herbs.

Our herbs are not just for Easter, and with the proper care, should provide pleasure for several years.

Limited availability. Only for delivery in the UK. Delivery will be after the 29th March.

Jekka's Colourful Easter Collection contains:

  • Bulls Blood Beetroot (Beta vulgaris 'Bulls Blood’) is a biennial but often grown as an annual from the family Amaranthaceae. It is easy to grow and makes the perfect crop for ‘beginner’ gardeners with its attractive deep red leaves that grows to 30 cm in height.

  • Celery Leaf, Wild Celery (Apium graveolens) is a biennial from the Apiaceae family. It is hardy and can survive to -15 Deg C. Celery Leaf has mid green cut leaves and clusters of green white flowers in the second year followed by aromatic edible seeds.

  • Heartsease, Wild Pansy (Viola tricolor) is a perennial Viola with small tri-coloured pansy like flowers in hues of blue, yellow, white, purple and black petals in various combinations. With oval or heart shaped toothed green leaves.

  • Pot Marigold (Calendula officinalis) is an annual from the Asteraceae family that has large daisy like orange/yellow single flowers that survive throughout the season until the first frosts.

Along with Jekka’s recipes from Jekka's Cook Book, we have provided some seasonal recipes to try with the herbs in Jekka’s Colourful Easter Collection at our online herb-based recipe section:

    • Bulls Blood Beetroot (Beta vulgaris 'Bulls Blood’) makes a delicious beetroot, which are best when harvested young. You can eat them pickled, roasted, or grated and used in salads. The leaves are also edible and can be used young in salads or older, blanched like spinach.

    • Celery Leaf, Wild Celery (Apium graveolens) is the original Celery and a wonderful herb for the kitchen with many culinary uses. The young leaves and seeds can be used in salads, soups, sauces and in baking.

    • Heartsease, Wild Pansy (Viola tricolor) flowers are edible and have a delicate nutty taste. They can be used as a garnish for desserts, in salads or frozen in ice cubes for your summer cocktails. Read more about other Edible Flowers in Jekka’s blog.

    • Pot Marigold (Calendula officinalis) petals were used by the Romans as the poor man's saffron. It has a slight peppery taste and will add a light tangy flavour to bread and soups as well as scones. Try out Jekka’s Marigold Scone recipe.
      If you love the sounds of this recipe and herb-based cooking check out Jekka's Herb Cookbook, our Food Master Classes and Herb-Based Recipes.

      At Jekka’s we provide established and hardy herb plants that are grown following organic principals and to survive the UK climate. Please read Jekka's blog that contains her top steps to growing on your herbs.

      There is also ‘Jekka’s Seasonal Tips’ series that covers growing and maintaining herbs in early spring, late spring, summer and autumn & winter. Together they form Jekka’s guide on how to grow herbs.

      Our herbs can be grown either in containers or planted in the garden. Although some herbs will be quite happy indoors, most prefer being outside. Please see our indoor growing blog for more information.

      For more information on growing herbs plants please see Jekkapedia, Jekka's blog or our FAQs page.

      Happy Herbs!

      Jekka's Colourful Easter Collection contains:

      • 4 1 Ltr herb plants. 1 Ltr pots have approx. a 13 cm diameter, these are larger and more established herbs than the typical 8 cm pot you will find elsewhere. Our pots are Roadside Recyclable Herb Pots.
      • A "how to grow" guide with some of Jekka's tips on how to care and look after your herbs.
      • A culinary recipe for you to try with more available online.

      The image is only an indication of herbs available and the culinary herb box will vary depending on seasonal availability.

      We are not able to take requests for specific herb varieties.

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