Poppy Screenprinted Greeting Card
Hannah McVicar

Poppy Screenprinted Greeting Card

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The Field Poppy is the well known bright red annual poppy, it is a symbol for remembrance and hope. This is a handmade card, illustrated and printed by Hannah McVicar.

They make the perfect card for any occasion, a thank you, a birthday or even a get well card.

  • A hand screenprinted greeting card using 5 stencils: 3 reds, a black & a green.
  • On GF Smith card, 270gsm.  
  • Dimensions: 14 x 14cm.
  • Blank inside with a recycled kraft brown envelope.

Screenprinting is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh, most commonly a polyester fabric, stretched tightly over a rectangular frame.

Stencils are applied to the mesh with ink-blocking substances, either photo-emulsion or paper stencils. 

Each colour within the design requires its own stencil. The stencil creates an open area of mesh for ink to transfer through on to a smooth surface.

A sharp edged squeegee is used to push ink through the mesh in a fluid movement or squeegee stroke.

If you would like to give this a go, please check out the Screenprinting Master Class at Jekka's.

Hannah is a modern botanical artist using multi-media printmaking to illustrate plants in all their forms. Specialising in detail, texture, composition, colour & form. ​

She has been producing botanical illustrations for books, magazines and packaging for the past sixteen years and is nationally known for the work that she has produced for Gardens Illustrated magazine and the RHS.

Inspired by the culinary herbs in Jekka's Herbtum these gifts not only look beautiful they are of the high quality that you would expect from Jekka’s products. Whether you’re treating yourself, or buying for a loved one, please enjoy browsing this collection of high quality gifts.

Hannah also teaches the Screenprinting Master Class at Jekka's.

Please visit www.hannahmcvicar.com