Double Holster

Double Holster

Gardening Tools

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Jekka and her horticulturist team cannot be without their holsters. They keep tools close to hand, stop them ending up on the compost heap, and save your pockets.

Chunky 3.5mm leather with copper rivets and hand stitched with double ply waxed thread. Starts off clean and pale but soon matures to a nice dark rich tone. 

NB. the large Okatsune secateurs are a tight fit, and poke out the top a bit, but once settled in they fit fine.

Product information:

  • Solid 3.5mm back board and front pockets
  • Belt loop
  • Copper rivets
  • Hand sewn
Our leather products can come with the odd scuff or natural blemish - that's part of the material and in no way affects the quality.

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