Jekka's tips for Spring, discover our passion for growing sustainable herbs!

Jekka's tips for Spring, discover our passion for growing sustainable herbs!

Newsletter 20th March

Herbs for Easter from Jekka's

Easter is a magical time on the herb farm. We are very much looking forward to it this year and welcoming, those of you who have coupons, to our open day.

Easter means the garden and your herbs are waking up, the threat of frosts is passing (fingers crossed) and the bees are waking. Hopefully you have completed your tasks for early spring and can move on to potting up and pruning.

At Jekka's we are potting up our Mint. Has your Mint shrunk to the center of the pot and is not producing much growth? It is likely pot bound and lacking food. Therefore, either unpot, saw in half and repot or simply, pot up in a larger pot. Your compost should have more feed or you can feed with liquid fertiliser (check out our feed bundle online).

We are also pruning back our Lemon Verbena, which Jekka recently showed on Instagram, for more pruning advice please see our videos in Jekka's Blog.


Jekka's Easter Culinary Boxes

We have some lovely herbs for Easter available in our new culinary herb boxes, grown at the farm and delivered to your door.

All our herbs are grown in the UK and are in 1 Ltr pot (approx. a 13cm diameter). This means they are more established and are grown to survive the British climate.

At Jekka's we follow organic principals and use a peat-free compost. Our pots are also Roadside Recyclable Herb Pots. For more about our Sustainable Approach to Growing Herbs please read Jekka's Blog.

This Easter we have two new culinary herb boxes:

Jekka's Easter Culinary Collection Herb Box containing:
- Chervil (
Anthriscus cerefolium),
- Lavender Pale Pretender (
Lavandula x intermedia 'Pale Pretender'),
- Red Frills Mustard (
Brassica juncea 'Red Frills') and
- Rosemary Prostrate (
Salvia rosmarinus Prostratus Group). 

Jekka's Easter Essential Collection Herb Box containing:
- Borage (
Borago officinalis),
- Moroccan Mint (
Mentha spicata var. crispa 'Moroccan'),
- Parsley (
Petroselinum crispum)  and
- Rosemary Blue Rain (
Salvia rosmarinus 'Blue Rain').


Marcus Wareing's Tales From a Kitchen Garden

We were delighted to welcome Marcus Wareing to the farm last summer. Jekka introduced Marcus to her passion for herbs and showed him her collection of over 400 varieties of culinary and medicinal herbs. We thought the farm looked wonderful. Read Jekka's blog, linked below, to know learn about the herbs mentioned and in n Marcus Wareing's Herb Garden.

The episode he filmed was broadcasted on the 7th March, but if you missed it is still available on iplayer (watch now).

If you are interested in having a similar experience to Marcus, discovering our passion for herbs and being shown how to use or cook with herbs please check out our "How to Use Herbs" and "Cooking with Herbs" master classes.


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