Twin Diamond File

Twin Diamond File

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Double sided diamond file for coarse sharpening and re-setting old blades. This is what Jekka uses when presented with battered old shears and secateurs with nicked and chipped blades.

The #120 side eats through the steel to a new edge, then the #300 gives a crude finish before moving over to a whetstone to get a decent edge. Use dry. Indispensable.

Combine with Camellia Oil, Crean Mate and the Niwaki Sharpening Stone to maintain the quality of your gardening tools.

Product information:

  • #120 
  • #300
  • 41g
  • 8.5" (21cm)

We are massive fans of Japanese gardening tools and we are pleased to be able to provide a range of our favourites from Niwaki.

As anyone who has been to one of Jekka's Open Days knows, it is very important to correctly maintain your tools and  Jekka advises using the infamous diamond sharpener along with Camellia Oil and Crean Mate as demonstrated in Jekka's video.

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Please see Jekka's How to Grow Herbs videos for more tips.

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