Jekka's Propagating Kit

Jekka's Propagating Kit

Jekka's Kit

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Jekka's propagating kit is our new kit that contains all you need to propagate herbs, either by sowing or taking cuttings.

At Jekka's we believe herbs are the most wonderfully diverse and useful plants, coming in all shapes and sizes, textures, colours, perfumes and uses.

There is nothing more rewarding than watching baby herb plants grow into productive plants that you can then add to your meals transforming the simplest dish into a feast.

We wish everyone to enjoy herbs and have developed this propagating kit as a good starting point. It contains Jekka's special compost mix as well as separate bags of horticultural bark, vermiculite & perlite.

Please note: seeds and pots sold separately.

Jekka’s propagating kit contains:

  • 750g Compost – Jekka’s special compost mix, which is organic (though not certified), vegan and peat free;
  • 125g Vermiculite – improves the aeration and moisture retention of Jekka's seed compost;
  • 250g Horticultural bark - improves drainage and holds moisture and nutrients;
  • 125g Perlite – for covering the seeds to keep them warm or for use in Jekka's cutting mix for extra aeration instead of vermiculite;
  • A recipe card to recreate Jekka's seed or cutting compost.

There is enough to make approximately 10 * 9 cm pots of Jekka's special seed compost.

Please note: seeds and pots sold separately.


For information on growing herbs from seeds please see Jekka's blogs on sowing herb seeds, sowing your winter culinary herbs or how to grow vegetables.

Jekka's "How to Grow Herbs" videos, includes Jekka's video on how to sow herb seeds  for an informative step-by-step guide to seed sowing.

Growing indoors? Check out Jekka's blog on indoor herb gardening for some advice.

If you require pots or compost, see Jekka's Herb Kits that includes Jekka's Seed Sowing Kit. This kit contains all you need to sow a collection of herb seeds.

For more information on growing herbs plants please see Jekkapedia, Jekka's blog or our FAQs page.

Happy Herbs!

At Jekka’s we sell herbs in 1 Ltr and 2 Ltr pots. These are established and hardy herb plants that are grown following organic principals and to survive the UK climate. Please read Jekka's blog that contains her top steps to growing on your herbs.

There is also ‘Jekka’s Seasonal Tips’ series that covers growing and maintaining herbs in early spring, late spring, summer and autumn & winter. Together they form Jekka’s guide on how to grow herbs.

Our herbs are designed to be grown in containers or planted in the garden. Although some herbs will be quite happy indoors, most prefer being outside. Please see our indoor growing blog for more information.

If you require pots or compost, we have developed Jekka's Herb Kits, which includes Jekka's "Grow On" Kit. These kits contain all you need to grow on your herbs.

If you think your herbs need a little more attention we always recommend an environmentally friendly solution, and these are Jekka's top three:

  • Maxicrop liquid seaweed: 'Feed on Fridays' as Jekka always says for all round good plant health.
  • SB Invigorator: a safe and effective insecticide and fungicide to help control a wide range of pest species
  • Epsom salts: the horticultural equivalent of what you put in your bath to top up magnesium and stop orange leaves.

Please note, the compost in Jekka's Kits will have enough natural food for approximately 6 weeks.

For more information on growing herbs plants please see Jekkapedia, Jekka's blog or our FAQs page.

Happy Herbs!