Jekka's top 10 tools and gardening products for the sustainable gardener

Jekka's top 10 tools and gardening products for the sustainable gardener

Newsletter: 3rd September

Jekka's top 10 "must-haves" in the herb garden

Jekka is often asked what her "must-have" tools and gardening products are in order to grow herbs, especially by those just starting out or some of the more seasoned gardeners who want some tips, tricks or just a new gizmo!

Jekka's top 10 gardening tools and products are:

  1. Niwaki Okatsune Secateurs
  2. Niwaki Hori Hori
  3. Haws copper watering can
  4. Crean Mate
  5. Sharpening stone
  6. Camelia Oil
  7. SB Invigorator 
  8. bird food
  9. Gardening twine
  10. Jekka's Goodnight Blend (obviously served in one of own mugs!)

In Jekka’s online shop we stock all the tools, gifts and gardening products we use on the herb farm to grow our award winning, sustainable herbs. Following our root of being "environmentally conscious" we source sustainable tools that use minimal packaging, are good quality and last a long time.


 Find out which tools and gardening products Jekka cannot do without on the herb farm

Jekka pruning back rosemary with Niwaki Secateurs with a sharpening stone


Jekka's favourite tools, gifts and gardening products

Starting with tools, Jekka is never without her Niwaki Secateurs. We sell a number of types but some of her favourites are the Niwaki Okatsune Secateurs that are small and strong but also easy to clean and use with gloves on.

Also, she raves about the "Niwaki Hori Hori", which is the gardening tool all rounder. It looks like a large knife and is great for weeding beds or digging holes for planting out.

Finally, Jekka uses the Haws copper watering can that she inherited from her mother to water her plugs and cuttings in her glass house. It is small and light with a spout that allows precise pouring.

Next on Jekka's list, is the kit to maintain her tools which are , Crean Mate, a Sharpening stone and Camelia Oil. The Crean Mate gets rid of muck and grime, the stone keeps the blade sharp and the oil provides protection and keeps the mechanisms working until the next clean. Check out Jekka's videos for more information.

Jekka cleaning Niwaki Forged Snips with Crean Mate


For the sustainable gardener, at first, controlling pests and disease can be hard work until you have reached a natural balance. For those times when you need to intervene, Jekka uses SB Invigorator and to encourage birds to your garden, Jekka always feeds her birds and advocates using a good quality bird food.  Jekka is also never without some gardening twine in her back pocket to tie things up. Twine is particularly useful at this time of year for tying seed heads up so they dry out for harvesting or are available for the birds. 

Read more about being a sustainable gardener in Jekka's guide.

Finally, at the end of day, we all llike a cup of herbal infusion. By far our most popular is Jekka's Goodnight Blend, which is a relaxing chamomile tea (obviously served in one of own mugs!)

Find out which tools and gardening products Jekka cannot do without on the herb farm

Jekka's herbal infusion in one of our illustrated mugs


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