Jekka's tips for the perfect summer balcony herb garden

Jekka's tips for the perfect summer balcony herb garden

Newsletter 26th June

Jekka's tips for summer

The summer solstice has past and the nights are drawing in, but fortunately there are still several months left before the cold sets in and so, there is a lot that can still be done in the garden.

Summer is prime time for the gardener and your herb garden. Everything is flowering, growing and looking and tasting fabulous!

At Jekka's we have started cutting back the herbs that have flowered and gone over. This helps them put on growth that will protect them from sudden downpours.

As everyone who visits us on an Open Day knows, ensure you feed your pot plants on Fridays and we suggest using Maxicrop liquid seaweed.

If your plants need a little more TLC then try SB Invigorator which is a safe and effective insecticide and fungicide that helps control a wide range of pest species as well as Epsom salts, the horticultural equivalent of what you put in your bath, to top up their magnesium and stop leaves turning orange.



Balcony Herb Garden

Balcony Gardens are a vital oasis in our built-up environment. Sometimes these are the only outside space people have and therefore, are essential not only for our well-being but also as important habitats for the urban pollinators.

In Jekka's latest blog she lists her top perennial, salad and feature herbs for a balcony herb garden as well as providing an outline plan as an intial starting point.

If you already have plants on your balcony, remember to keep an eye on your containers and ensure they do not dry out. Some days you might need to water more than once if it gets really warm and it’s best to water in the morning so the plants have the water when they need it throughout the day.




Show Gardens

We loved Chelsea Flower Show this year and even more that Sarah Eberle's garden 'MEDITE SMARTPLY Building the Future' won gold and The Potting Balcony Garden, designed by William, Murray won Silver Gilt. Both for which we supplied our herbs.

We also had some of Jekka's herbs in Frances Tophill's first ever Show Garden at Gardeners’ World Live 2022. She created a sustainable, post-industrial garden for a modern world and won Best Show Garden & Showcase Garden Platinum Award Winner.

Congratulations to all the gardeners, horticulturists and landscape designers. We are looking forward to seeing the gardens at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show in July.


Jekka's July Open Days

If you would like to build your own show garden, get your garden ready for summer or put some pots on your balcony, then come along to Jekka’s July Open Days on Friday 8th & Saturday 9th July.

Jekka's Open Days are a wonderful opportunity to purchase plants from Jekka's collection of over 400 culinary & medicinal herbs.


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