Jekka is excited to announce her new book! 100 Herbs to Grow - coming spring 2024!

Jekka is excited to announce her new book! 100 Herbs to Grow - coming spring 2024!

Newsletter: 12th November

100 Herbs to Grow

A comprehensive guide to the best culinary and medicinal herbs

We are delighted to announce Jekka’s new book, entitled 100 Herbs to Grow that is due to come out next spring! It is being published by Quadrille in the UK on the 7th March 2024.

This book is a tribute to the past 40 years that Jekka has been cultivating and exhibiting herbs. 100 Herbs to Grow showcases her favourite herbs that not only tantalise the taste buds but also possess valuable medicinal properties.

No one has done more to both educate and enthuse the nation in the appreciation and use of herbs as part of both our gardens and kitchens…This book summarises a lifetime of expertise in one beautiful volume” Monty Don


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Since Jekka’s Complete Herb Book a lot has changed in the world. Climate change, altering local weather patterns and the ever-persistent threats of newly arrived pests and diseases have influenced horticultural practices. This book is a contemporary guide that takes into account these considerations while also preserving the horticultural knowledge that Jekka has gathered over the years.

Jekka’s hope is that 100 Herbs to Grow becomes an indispensable and hands-on reference for both the beginner gardener and herb enthusiast by offering practical guidance from the initial stages of propagation to the intricacies of cuttings, the art of harvesting, and year-round maintenance.

Jekka's 100 Herbs to Grow

 Left to Right: Rosemary Jekka's Blue (Salvia rosmarinus 'Jekka's Blue'), Sea Kale (Crambe maritima) and Cardoon (Cynara cardunculus)


Mark your calendars for the 7th March 2024, when 100 Herbs to Grow will be available . You can secure your copy in advance by pre-ordering it online today through the link below. Members of the press and media, please check out our press release here.

If you want to grow the very best herbs, you need this book in your life. In fact, this book is way more than that, it’s packed full of Jekka’s knowledge, advice, and observations from a lifetime of dedication to the wonderful world of growing. Herbs are life!” Nathan Outlaw

Coming 7th March 2024!



Jekka's 100 Herbs to Grow
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