Come along to Jekka's Open Days and buy Jekka's unique named herb varieties!

Come along to Jekka's Open Days and buy Jekka's unique named herb varieties!

Newsletter: 31st March

Jekka's Herb Varieties 

Jekka has been growing herbs at her Herb Farm for over four decades using environmental and sustainable techniques (read more in our sustainable gardening guide or our blog on our approach). This has not only resulted in remarkable biodiversity on the Herb Farm but also led to the creation of her Jekka's varieties of herbs.

Interestingly, we have found that several, if not all, of Jekka's varieties have survived much better than more common varieties in our ever changing weather and climate patterns. For example, Rosemary Jekka's Blue (Salvia rosmarinus 'Jekka's Blue'), not only has the most beautiful and brightest of flowers amongst our Rosemarys but also it flowers the longest. Likewise, Jekka's varieties of Thymes seem to be both hardy and prolific varieties that tend to hold their flowers well above the crown. This means they are less prone to damping off.

Come along to Jekka's Open Day or explore Jekkapedia (filtered by "Jekka's Herb") to see some of her named varieties. These include:

- Jekka's Buddleia Mint (Mentha longifolia 'Jekka's') this started life at the end of Jekka's Herbetum Mint beds and we believe is a mix of Silver Mint and Buddleia Mint resulting in both beautiful silver foliage combined with the large, long flowering heads of Buddleia Mint. It attracts a hierarchy of pollinators from hover flies to bees.

- Jekka's Green Dragon (Salvia rosmarinus 'Jekka's Green Dragon') that was previously know as Jekka's light at the end of the tunnel due to being found on the farm at the end of the tunnel during lock down; unfortunately its former name was too long for a label! It has a great bushy, upright habit with vibrant green leaves.

- Jekka's Stepping Thyme (Thymus 'Jekka's Stepping') is one of our favourite Jekka's varieties of Thymes after the original Jekka's Thyme. It is low growing and gets covered in a dense mat of pale pink/mauve flowers in summer which is wonderful for bees and other pollinators.

For more of Jekka's varieties check out Jekkapedia through the link below.



Jekka's Thyme (Thymus 'Jekka')

Jekka's April Open Days

There are still a few tickets left for our Open Days next Friday 5th and Saturday 6th April.

Jekka's Open Days are a fabulous herb filled visit exploring Jekka's Herb Garden, enjoying a herb talk, browsing our herb collection or sampling some homemade cake in a beautiful setting.

During these Open Days we will be celebrating the publication of Jekka's new book titled "100 Herbs to Grow". Come along and pick up your signed copy!

5th & 6th April Open Day Tickets on sale now!



Jekka in her Herb Garden (photograph by Jason Ingram)

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