Celebrating Spring at Jekka's with Jekka's tips, our May Open Days and opportunities at Jekka's!

Celebrating Spring at Jekka's with Jekka's tips, our May Open Days and opportunities at Jekka's!

Newsletter: 14th April

Spring at Jekka's 

We can see signs of plant life all around us on Jekka's Herb Farm and finally believe that spring has managed to get through the long period of wet and cold!

We are busy potting up our herbs as the herbaceous mints reappear from their winter slumber and our annuals, which we sowed under protection earlier in the year like Coriander and Dill, begin to grow rapidly in the warmth and light.

We are also preparing the ground to sow seeds directly outside but will wait until the ground is warm to the back of our hand. Jekka’s must have herbs to sow direct in your garden are:

Also check out Jekka's top seeds online.

Jekka's top tip is not to forget to feed your herbs, especially if they are in containers. Feed weekly with a liquid fertliser, we use Maxicrop. For the more established herbs in containers it might be beneficial to pot up into bigger pots or top dress with new compost.

For more of Jekka's tips of what to do in late-spring, check out Jekka's blog through the link below.



Lovage (Levisticum officinale) appearing in Jekka's Herbetum

Jekka's May Open Days

After a successful couple of April Open Days, our May Open Day tickets are on sale. Our May Open Days are on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th May.

Along with Jekka's popular herb talks, we are delighted to be joined by Bee McGovern, from the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, who is providing Medicinal Walk of Jekka's Herbetum and Jekka's Herb Garden. We will also have a stand from South Gloucestershire Bee Keeping Association.

Jekka's Open Days are a fabulous herb filled experience where you can explore Jekka's Herb Garden. For the garden planting plan and other ideas for you to get inspiration from; please check out our website. It is difficult to believe that we only planted Jekka's Herb Garden last year, see our blog here for details.

Come a long to our May Open Days and see how much it has grown!

3rd & 4th May Open Day Tickets on sale now!



Jekka's talk at our April Open Days

Opportunities at Jekka's

Looking for a new opportunity this spring?

Gardens, horticulture and “growing your own” are becoming increasingly popular as more people are returning to their gardens both from a health & well-being perspective and also for the ability to add culinary flavour to your home cooking.

As a result, we have a number of exciting positions at Jekka's and are seeking an office manager, horticulturists and a gardening handy person. Apply today through the link below!



Rosemary Jekka's Blue (Salvia rosmarinus 'Jekka's Blue')

Cultivating flavour, creating experiences.