Be inspired in the growing and use of herbs by Jekka's Herb Garden

Be inspired in the growing and use of herbs by Jekka's Herb Garden

Newsletter: 19th March

Jekka's Herb Garden

For a long time, Jekka's mission has been to inspire people in the growing and use of herbs. Whether it is through her books, master classes, videos, herb exhibits or talks, Jekka loves sharing her knowledge of herbs and horticulture.

We have created a unique Herb Garden at Jekka's Herb Farm in South Gloucestershire, to support Jekka's mission. The garden compliments Jekka's Herbetum, our living encyclopedia of over 400 culinary herbs which are displayed in 38 raised beds.

Jekka’s has been designing gardens since 1993. Many will remember her beautiful Gold medal, RHS Herb exhibits, and her 2016 RHS Chelsea Flower Show Garden. She was the first certified organic and peat-free grower to be awarded an RHS Gold medal in 1994.

We still follow this sustainable gardening approach at Jekka's Herb Farm and in the building of Jekka's Herb Garden. Read more about the design and construction through the link below.




Jekka's Herb Garden

 Jekka's Herb Garden



The evolution of Jekka's Herb Garden

Herbs have increased in popularity in recent years as they not only look good and taste good but they also do you good as well.

As a result many people are looking to build a herb garden at their home or place of work. Therefore, we have kept a photographic record of how we designed, built and planted Jekka's Herb Garden.

Check out the timeline through the link below.




Jekka's Herb Garden

 Jekka's Herb Garden Steel Edging


Jekka's herb petals


Jekka's Herb Garden consists of two large circular beds in the eyes of the infinity sign. These are home to two large flowers with eight petals or oval beds. It is these herb petals that are the individual themed herb gardens for visitors to become inspired from and take home to reproduce in their gardens.

There are 8 different gardening themes for the herb petals

  1. Annual
  2. Culinary
  3. Edible flowers
  4. Evergreen
  5. Herbal Infusion
  6. Medicinal
  7. Pollinators
  8. UK Native

If you are interested in creating a herb garden based on one of these themes, check out the planting plan and read about the herbs included through the link below.  


Herbs in the Pollinating Herb Petal 


Cultivating flavour, creating experience.