Autumn ideas from Jekka's

Autumn ideas from Jekka's

Newsletter: 11th September

Jekka's in early autumn

If, like us, you are wondering how it became September and where this year has gone, you might be looking at your garden trying to work out what you should be doing! From long cold springs, very hot summers and a mild, damp start to this winter it is difficult to plan the next step.

Fortunately, Jekka has written a blog on maintaining your herb plants in autumn & early winter, which covers tidying, cutting back and collecting seeds.

We also think it is a wonderful time to sow seeds, not only is it still warm but most of the pests, such as carrot fly, have gone away. Therefore also check out Jekka's blog on sowing winter culinary herbs as well as our blog for looking after your herbs this autumn.



Jekka's 2023 Herb Calendar

Hot off the press is our beautiful 2023 Herb Calendar. It is a celebration of herbs throughout the year and is full of beautiful pictures taken by Jekka around Jekka’s Herbetum of culinary & medicinal herbs.

This Jekka’s Herb Calendar is themed around both your herb garden and Jekka’s Herb Garden that is being created at our Herb Farm, in South Gloucestershire.

For each month, we highlight a herb, provide Jekka’s top tips and give you some handy advice on what to do to ensure your herbs always look their best and bring both colour to your garden and flavour to your kitchen.


Exciting new jobs at Jekka's

Are you looking for an exciting challenge? We are seeking a passionate plants person, gardener, horticulturist and office admin to help support and plant Jekka's Herb Garden. Apply now!


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