Jekka's Herbal Infusion Cocktails & Ice Cubes

Jekka's Herbal Infusion Cocktails & Ice Cubes

Perfect for the festive season, or really anytime of the year, turn your Herbal Infusion into a delicious cocktail by adding a dash of gin or vodka.  


  • 25 ml measure of gin or vodka
  • 1 tea bag of your chosen Jekka's Herbal Infusion, we suggest Jekka's Citrus Trilogy
  • 120 ml boiled not boiling water
  • 120 ml tonic water
  • A teaspoon of elderflower cordial, for sweetness
  • A cup or a tea pot with a lid, to prevent the steam escaping
  • Garnish with a blade of lemon grass or your chosen herb


  1. Infuse the tea bag for 10 minutes, with freshly boiled water rather than boiling. Cover to ensure the oils do not evaporate. 
  2. Allow the water to cool before adding the next ingredients.
  3. Add a shot of gin or vodka and the elderflower cordial, then gently stir.
  4. Finally add the tonic, garnish and serve.
  5. Enjoy.

To make your cocktail even more special add a Herbal Infusion Ice Cube. Simply allow the infusion to sit for several minutes, creating an intense colour and aroma before pouring into the ice tray and popping in the freezer. They will add a sparkle to any cocktail or refreshing soft drink.

Jekka's Summer Garden herbal infusion, makes a beautiful pink ice cube with flavours of rose, lemon verbena and elderflower and Jekka's Citrus Trilogy herbal infusion creates a stunning yellow cube.

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