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Jekka's Lectures

Enquire about Jekka giving a talk to your organisation, herb group or association. Jekka is an organic grower of herbs and horticultural author, designer, consultant, judge and moderator. She is renowned for her passion and knowledge of herbs and has built an international reputation for growing and designing sustainable herb gardens. More information can be found here.

Please complete the form below. Upon submission you will contact with confirmation dependent on availability. Please contact if you have any further questions.

Please see below for information on fees, lecture titles and terms and conditions.


  • Daytime (½ day) £850
  • Daytime (full day) £1500
  • Evening (approx. 6pm – 10pm) £850
Plus expenses, to include:
  • All travel costs incurred i.e. mileage (currently 45p/mile), train travel, flights, car parking etc.
  • Overnight accommodation if travelling time exceeds 3 hours
  • Meals and refreshments, as necessary

 Lecture titles to choose from:

  1. A modern Apothecary
  2. Behind the scenes at Chelsea Flower Show, (Floral Exhibits 16 years)
  3. Growing and using Culinary herbs
  4. Herbs are more than a garnish
  5. Herbs for all Reasons
  6. Herbs for flavour and Health
  7. Herbs of Australia
  8. Herbs of Malaysia
  9. Herbs of South Africa
  10. Herbs of the Caribbean
  11. Herbs of the Mediterranean
  12. How to use herbs in the Home (Culinary and medicinal)
  13. Jekka’s Herb Farm 1984-Present Day
  14. Jekka’s top 50 culinary herbs
  15. Medicinal herbs in the Home
  16. Native herbs Folklore and Fact
  17. On the road to Chelsea Flower Show (Show Garden)
  18. Planning a herb garden
  19. The gardens of China
  20. The World of Culinary Herbs
  21. What is a Herb

Other titles available upon request

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Please note that all prices exclude VAT which will be added to the invoice as applicable.
  2. Half day rates assume a maximum of 4 hours. Daily rates assume a maximum working day of 8 hours.
  3. Travelling time will be taken into account when agreeing fees: for instance, in the event of venue being in excess of 1 hour travelling time, the mileage rate will be increased to £1 to account for travel time.
  4. Costs of overnight stays if necessary will be agreed with client prior to visit.
  5. Mileage charges are subject to change at the discretion of Jekka’s Herb Farm, according to current fuel prices.
  6. Written acceptance of our terms and conditions is required prior to arranging an event date.
  7. The enquiry form (above) must be completed and returned at least 3 months prior to the event.
  8. Payment is required within 30 days from receipt of invoice, after which time an additional late payment fee may be applied.