Read about Jekka's Herb Garden at the Herb Farm in South Gloucestershire.

Read about Jekka's Herb Garden at the Herb Farm in South Gloucestershire.

Newsletter 7th August

Jekka's Herb Garden

For those who have visited Jekka's recently, you would have seen something taking shape on our hard standing. We have been busy developing an exciting new project here at Jekka's.

Jekka has designed, and Mac has been busy constructing, Jekka's Herb Garden at the Herb Farm in South Gloucestershire, near Bristol.

Jekka's Herb Garden builds on her previous gardens and, in particular, her 2016 RHS Chelsea Flower Show garden. It is designed to educate and inspire the next generation of herb growers. We hope it will not only be a wonderful horticultural resource but both an escape from the stresses of everyday life and a home to the wonderful biodiversity we have on the farm.


Jekka's Herb Garden at the Herb Farm, South Gloucestershire

Jekka's Herb Petals

Jekka's Herb Garden is based around the infinity symbol, so you can walk continually around the garden loosing yourself in thought and nature.

Each eye of the infinity contains to giant flowers, each with 8 petals and these petals are individual herb beds. The herb petals are the approximate size of a standard herb garden or bed and will be planted in way that you can take the design home.

The exact details of the herb petals are still being defined but Jekka envisages beds for culinary herbs, medicinal herbs and pollinators. Therefore, a herb petal for all interests and passions.


 Jekka's Herb Garden has 16 herb petals

Jekka's August Open Days

Come and see Jekka's Herb Garden taking shape at Jekka’s August Open Days on Friday 12th & Saturday 13th August.

Jekka's Open Days are a wonderful opportunity to purchase plants from Jekka's collection of over 400 culinary & medicinal herbs.


Jekka's Herbetum Tour at our Open Days

Seeking Herb Gardeners

Are you looking for an exciting challenge? We are seeking a passionate plants person and gardener to help support and build Jekka's Herb Garden. Apply now!


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