Jekka's 5 top herbs for 2023 and our tips for starting the season

Jekka's 5 top herbs for 2023 and our tips for starting the season

Newsletter: 5th February

The start of 2023 at Jekka's

We hope you have had a good start to 2023. It has been a particularly tricky start for the gardener and horticulturist.

We are having warm days and freezing cold nights. followed by a period of warm, damp, grey days. The former involves the daily ballet of unfleecing, airing the tunnels and refleecing all at the right moment (at Jekka's we fleece when the temperature drops below 3 degrees). The latter is awful for mildew that spreads easily once established. As an organic herb farm, we search it out, cut it out and if possible, move the plants outside.

Now is the time to start planning your garden for the year; whether it is cleaning your tools (check out Jekka's video) or harvesting your seeds. Buy Jekka's 2023 Herb Calendar for seasonal growing tips to help you plan your year. As the weather warms you can also start sowing your seeds under protection. Check out our website for Jekka's blogs on sowing herb seeds or how to grow vegetables. For more hands on courses see Jekka's Spring Master Classes (on sale now).





Jekkas top 5 herbs for 2023

It is wonderful to see that herbs are one of the Royal Horticultural Societies top trends for 2023. Personally, as a herb farm, we think they are always at the top from both a culinary and medicinal sense. After all, they taste good, look good and do you good!

With this is mind, Jekka's top 5 herbs for 2023 are:

  1. Caper (Capparis spinosa var. inermis)
  2. Dill (Anethum graveolens)
  3. Greek Basil (Ocimum minimum 'Greek')
  4. Myrtle (Myrtus)
  5. Tashkent Mint (Mentha spicata 'Tashkent')

Also in the RHS list for 2023 is peat free gardening and, at Jekka's, we are strong advocates of sustainable, environmentally conscious and organic gardening. Last year, we wrote a guide on sustainable gardening, which can be seen here.




Opportunities at Jekka's

2023 will be another exciting year at Jekka's, with Chelsea Flower Show, Jekka's HerbFest and Jekka's Herb Garden there is a lot to be getting on with.

We have a number of exciting opportunities, that you can see through the link below.





Jekka's Herb Fest

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