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Jekka's Herb Seeds

Newsletter 13th February

Jekka's Herb Seeds

At Jekka's we are acutely aware of the current seed shortages and import restrictions on getting seeds, which is why we made an even bigger effort last Autumn to harvest our own from Jekka's Herbetum.

All our seeds are sustainable. Although they not certified, they are untreated and can be used to grow organic herb plants. They come in glassine bags, which are fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. Each of these are packed in our beautifully illustrated packets with growing instructions on the back and there is further information in Jekkapedia.


Jekka's tips for growing herbs from seeds

We have been sowing herb seeds for over 35 years and Jekka's three top tips are:

1. Do not touch the seeds as the warmth and dampness of your hands can effect germination.
2. Water the compost prior to sowing otherwise you are at risk of washing away the seeds.
3. Cover the seeds with perlite, which is light and keeps the seeds warm.

For more tips, read Jekka's blog through the link below.


Get sowing this Spring

We are delighted by the feedback and pictures we have received about our Grow at Home kits.

To help people to grow their own this year, we have launched a subscription service for our herb seeds. There are two subscriptions, one for Jekka's Seed Club and one for Grow at Home Herb Kits and gifts.

All our herb kits are made with the season but also the environment in mind. From the box they come in, which is FCS approved, to the biodegradable pots and peat free compost.


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