Jekka's favourite evergreen winter herbs, Myrtle and Luma

Jekka's favourite evergreen winter herbs, Myrtle and Luma

Newsletter: 9th October

Jekka's favourite evergreen herbs

At this time of year our evergreen herbs are the main feature of Jekka's Herbetum. Alongside our Thymes and Rosemarys, Jekka's favourite evergreens are both the Myrtles and Lumas. They have a variety of foliage from the varigated Luma Glanleam Gold to the attractive form of Merion Myrtle.

Myrtles and Lumas are first cousins from the Myrtaceae family. The Myrtles originate from the Mediteranean and the Lumas are from South America, making them hardier.

They can both be used in cooking instead of Bay and have a warm, spicy, slightly bitter aromatic flavour. In the autumn they also have wonderful black berries that can be used to flavour food and drinks.

Myrtle is also a sign of love and constency, often found in bridal bouquets. The Queen Elizabeth II funeral wreath contained Myrtle. Touchingly, this was cut from a plant grown from a sprig of Myrtle that was in the Queen's wedding bouquet.

Read more about both Mytle and Luma in our latest blog.



Jekka's HerbFest 2023

We are so excited to annouce that next summer we will be hosting our second Jekka's HerbFest.

Jekka’s HerbFest is a celebration of the growing and use of herbs. It is a three-day event, running from Friday 30th June to Sunday 2nd July 2023.

Tickets will be released later this year and we will continue to update you with everything we have planned. Please keep an eye on our Instagram and website.

For press and sponsorship enquiries or the opportunity to have an artisan stall please click here.


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