Become a sustainable gardener with Jekka's

Become a sustainable gardener with Jekka's

Newsletter: 25th September

Jekka's guide to being a sustainable herb gardener

This autumn we would like to encourage everyone to become sustainable gardeners. Jekka has made a guide that outlines how and links to all our blogs, gifts and tools to make it easy for everyone.

Sustainable gardening is not only good for the environment and your pollinators but also does wonders for your health and well-being.



Jekka's Gardeners Gift Boxes

To make it easier for you to give the gift of gardening to someone special, we have a range of Gardeners Gift Boxes, including our favourite:

- Jekka’s Gardeners Gift Box: For the herb enthusiast to add to their growing collection.
- Jekka’s Complete Gardeners Gift Box: For the herb expert or professional who takes pride in their garden and loves new tools!
- Jekka’s Pollinating Gardeners Gift Box: For the gardener who wants to attract pollinators and solitary bees to their garden.

We are particularly excited by our new Gardeners Gift Box made in conjunction with Whichford Pottery (see here). This box contains all you need to start a little herb garden on a windowsill, balcony or patio. On sale soon!

Get growing herbs with Jekka this autumn!


Jekka's "for the garden" range

Part of being a sustainable gardener is maintaining and growing the biodiversity in your garden. During winter, it is very important to feed your birds as they will repay you by eating your pests in the spring.

We are fans of the Cotswold Granaries bird food which the birds at Jekka's love. It is a high quality bird feed mix that has no artificial colours or added sugar. Furthermore, their packaging is fully home, compostable and is made from starch and plant fibres. 

We have added their food to our every increasing "For the Garden" range that includes our beautiful Niwaki gardening tools that will last a life-time with the proper care.


Jekka's "for the home" range

Our online shop is full of wonderful gifts and present ideas. These are not
only for the garden as we now have herb-inspired products for the home too.

Check out the new herb scented candles we have sourced from St. Eval, made sustainably in Cornwall. The perfect addition to your health and well-being routine.

These combine well with the beautifully illustrated homeware, prints and cards by Hannah McVicar as well as the handmade soaps by Wild Sage + Co. Making the perfect treat for you or a loved one!


Exciting new jobs at Jekka's

Are you looking for an exciting challenge? We are seeking a passionate plants person, gardener, horticulturist and office admin to help support and plant Jekka's Herb Garden. Apply now!


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