Jekka's 6 new herb plants for 2019

Jekka's 6 new herb plants for 2019

Jekka is ever busy expanding her herb plant collection at our herb farm in North Bristol, UK. This year is no exception with Jekka's Herbetum having six new herb additions for 2019. Click on the name of the plant to open the Jekkapedia page.

Jekka's: Nodding Onion

Allium cernuum, Lady's leek, Nodding onion

This herb is a hardy perennial bulb in the genus Allium and is native to western North America and Mexico. Each mature bulb bears a single flowering stem, which terminates in a downward nodding umbel of pink, white or rose flowers. It is an edible herb and has flat strap shaped leaves with strong onion flavour, which can be used in cooking. Allium cernuum grows best in lighter soils when planted in sunny conditions.

Jekka's: Sweet Pear Mint

Mentha 'Sweet Pear'

This herb is a vigorous, upright hardy herbaceous perennial with an indefinite spread. It has attractive tight, terminal  clusters of mauve flowers and mid green leaves with a mulberry tinge that have a delicate, fruity aroma. Good for garnishing sweet or savory dishes and for making a fruit tea.

Jekka's: Rosemary StardustRosmarinus officinalis 'Jekka's Stardust'

This herb is a hardy evergreen shrub with an upright habit. Both height and spread are up to 1m.  It has small pale blue flowers in spring and summer with dense, short needle shaped, mid green leaves that have an intense, spicy scented and fragrant aroma.

Jekka's: Thyme Bee HavenThymus ' Jekka's Bee Haven'

This herb is a hardy evergreen shrub. It has terminal clusters of small pale lilac/pink flowers and small, oval, mid green, aromatic leaves. As the name suggests, it is wonderful for bees.

Jekka's: Society garlic silver lace

Tubaghia violacea ‘Silver Lace’, Society garlic silver lace

This is a clump-forming half hardy evergreen perennial with an elegant variegated form. It has variegated grey/green/cream long narrow leaves, that are veined with white creating a pretty pale effect, and are onion scented. It has large terminal umbels of allium-like, fragrant, edible, pale purple, star shaped flowers which are up to 3cm long and are borne from mid-summer to early autumn.

Jekka's: Society garlicTulbaghia violacea, Society Garlic

This half hardy evergreen perennial herb is a bulbous or rhizomatous with linear, grey-green basal, onion-scented, long narrow leaves and large terminal umbels of small, fragrant, edible, pale purple, star-shaped flowers with a small cup-like corona.

Come and see these at our Open Days - Our next Open Days are the 5th and 6th April 2019.