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Autumn Master Class

Festive Cooking with Herbs, 9th November

Practical master class with Alistair, with a guided Herbetum tour by Jekka

Understand why herbs are more than a garnish

As we get closer to Christmas this Master Class will explore the role of herbs in food with a festive focus on plant-based and vegan cuisine to add that little bit extra to your Christmas lunch.

Whether you are interested in these diets from health, well-being or environmental concerns, this master class will show you how herbs are an important part of our diet and far more than a garnish. During the class we will look at simple herb led vegan and vegetarian dishes that you can make at home. Participants will cook a range of tasty herb inspired treats for lunch and in the afternoon make festive gifts to either eat themselves or give as presents.


“Amazing day for anyone wanting to extend their knowledge and learn to cook with a variety of different herbs.”

“All the recipes are simple to make, and I loved all the culinary hints. What a joyous day.”

“This was a most enjoyable day, completely different from any other culinary course I have been on.”

“How lovely herbs are, so simple to use, and make any dish alive and fresh.”

For more information about our Master Classes, as well as potential accommodation options, please see this page.