"Fermenting the Seasons" Master Class, 2nd October 2021
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"Fermenting the Seasons" Master Class, 2nd October 2021

Master Class

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Walk down the aisles at the supermarket, pop into a cafe or restaurant and you can’t fail to notice the rise in popularity of fermented food.

At our fermenting master class, Mark Diacono will take you through the principles of fermentation, of how and why these foods and drinks have enriched our diets and improved our health for centuries. You’ll discover how fermenting is not only a superb method of preserving, but in effect the results feed us twice by creating more nutrient-dense foods that also populate our gut with beneficial bacteria.

There will be tastings of drinks including kombucha and water kefir, as well as fermented vegetable dishes such as sauerkraut, kimchi, and preserved lemons. You’ll learn how to turn the principles of each fermentation method toward whatever is in season.  

You will also get the chance to get hands-on, making at least two ferments to take away with you.

Once you have mastered the principles, you’ll feel skilled and confident in turning them to create your own fermentations.

Instagram: @Mark_Diacono / Twitter: @MarkDiacono  / Website: www.otterfarm.co.uk   

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