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Summer Master Class

Edible Flowers, 10th August

Practical master class with Alistair, with a guided Herbetum tour by Jekka

Ever wondered what flowers are edible?

With the Herbetum in full bloom this is a perfect time to explore the flavours and culinary delights of flowers. Eating flowers is becoming increasingly trendy and mainstream but often the taste and properties of the flower is lost to its appearance. We will look at what herb flowers are good to eat and their culinary values. We will then examine with what they can be paired, from borage flowers in your pimms, to heartease in your salads and desserts. Participants will make some tasty herb based treats for lunch and in the afternoon look at flower vinegars to take home.

Read more about edible flowers in Jekka's blog


“Amazing day for anyone wanting to extend their knowledge and learn to cook with a variety of different herbs.”

“All the recipes are simple to make, and I loved all the culinary hints. What a joyous day.”

“This was a most enjoyable day, completely different from any other culinary course I have been on.”

“How lovely herbs are, so simple to use, and make any dish alive and fresh.”

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