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A specialist family run herb farm in the UK

Culinary & Medicinal Herbs

Explore our herbs
A specialist family run herb farm in the UK

Culinary & Medicinal Herbs

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A specialist family run herb farm in the UK

Culinary & Medicinal Herbs

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A specialist family run herb farm in the UK

Culinary & Medicinal Herbs

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A specialist family run herb farm in the UK

Culinary & Medicinal Herbs

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Cultivating flavour

Jekka’s is home to the largest collection of culinary herbs in the UK, it is not only a wonderful resource for plant identification but also a gastronomic delight for anyone interested in good food. Jekka's herbetum contains over 400 culinary herbs carefully planted in raised beds on Jekka's herb farm, enabling visitors to walk amongst them.

Family business

Jekka's was first established in 1985 in the family’s back garden of a semi detached in central Bristol. It has grown from Jekka’s passion for herbs and food, health and wellbeing.

Passion for herbs

Jekka’s herbetum has been described as a living book of herbs and has matured and grown into an inspiring resource for gardeners, garden designers, chefs, cooks, schools and herbalists.

Environmentally conscious

For the past 30 years all the herbs grown at Jekka’s have been raised using organic and sustainable principles resulting in a remarkable biodiversity at the herb farm.

Jekka's How to Grow Seeds

A series of educational videos helping you to Sow It. Grow It. Eat It. with Jekka's.

Made in collaboration with Candide. Watch them here or click the link to watch 'How to Grow Seeds'

Jekka's Herb Seeds

Achillea millefolium


Yarrow, Woundwort, Milfoil

Agastache rugosa


Korean Mint, Huo Xiang

Allium fistulosum


Welsh Onion, Japanese Leek

Allium schoenoprasum



Allium tuberosum


Garlic Chives, Chinese Chives

Althaea officinalis



Ammi majus


Bishops flower

Anethum graveolens



Angelica archangelica



Anthemis tinctoria


Dyers Chamomile, Golden Marguerite

Anthriscus cerefolium



Apium graveolens


Celery Leaf, Wild Celery

Arnica chamissonis Less.


North American Arnica, Mountain Tobacco

Artemisia absinthium



Beta vulgaris 'Bulls Blood’


Bulls Blood Beetroot

Beta vulgaris 'Ruby Chard'


Rhubarb Chard

Borago officinalis



Borago officinalis 'Alba'


White Borage

Brassica juncea 'Golden Streaks’


Golden Mustard

Brassica juncea 'Red Frills'


Red Frills Mustard

Brassica juncea 'Rubra'


Red Mustard

Brassica rapa var. purpurea


Purple Flowering Choy Sum

Calamintha nepeta


Lesser Calamint

Calendula officinalis


Pot Marigold

Calendula officinalis Fiesta Gitana Group


Marigold Fiesta Gitana

Carum carvi



Centaurea cyanus



Centranthus ruber


Red Valerian

Chamaemelum nobile


Chamomile, Roman Chamomile

Chenopodium bonus-henricus


Good King Henry

Chenopodium giganteum


Tree Spinach, Giant Goosefoot

Chrysanthemum coronarium


Chopsuey Green, Flavon

Cichorium intybus


Chicory, Succory

Claytonia perfoliata


Winter Purslane, Miner's Lettuce

Coriandrum sativum



Crambe maritima


Sea Kale

Cryptotaenia japonica


Japanese Parsley, Mitsuba

Cynara cardunculus



Dianthus deltoides AGM


Maiden Pink

Digitalis purpurea


Foxglove, Fairy Gloves

Diplotaxis muralis


Wild Rocket

Dipsacus fullonum


Fullers Teasel

Echinacea angustifolia


Black Sampson, Narrow Leafed Echinacea

Echinacea pallida


Echinacea (Coneflower)

Echinacea purpurea


Echinacea, Purple Coneflower

From our friends

Jekka has done so much to promote the value and varied uses of herbs and we owe her a huge debt for all her work - not least in showing people what can be achieved by gardening without chemicals.

Alan Titchmarsh

Fewer young people have been taking an interest in horticulture, and the greater majority of farming methods are fighting a losing battle against nature, as opposed to working with it like Jekka and Mac have done for the last quarter of a century. Myself, my family, and everyone in the restaurants and charity send all our love to everyone at Jekka's Herb Farm.

Jamie Oliver

Jekka's show stands at Chelsea and Hampton Court have always stood out. I wasn't the first and won't be the last to be inspired by her incredible passion for herbs and her wealth of knowledge.

Cleve West

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28th November - 15th December 2019

Chalet Number: 130, Milsom Street

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