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Autumn Master Class

How to Use Herbs, 12th October

Practical master class with Alistair, with a guided Herbetum tour by Jekka

One of our most popular Master Classes with practical tips on which part to use and how to use herbs in the Kitchen and Home.

Herbs have been used by man since records began. It is only in the last century that we, in the UK, have lost the knowledge of knowing which part of the plant to use, how much to use and which time of year it is best to harvest. The combination of herbs with food is not only for flavour but also to aid digestion for as Hippocrates said ‘Let medicine be your food and food be your medicine’. You will learn not only how to turn a meal into a feast but also how to preserve herbs for use throughout the year, both for medicinal and culinary use. During the class, participants will taste a range of herbal teas, make some wonderful herb treats for lunch and take home their own herbal vinegar.


"Inspirational day, both cooking & gardening. Lovely, enthusiastic & approachable people."

"This has given me the courage to use and grow a wider range of herbs and make them intrinsic to my life."

“Brilliant learning atmosphere. Relaxed and just generally fabulous!”

“I loved the food: I have been inspired to cook and create with herbs.”

For more information about our Master Classes, as well as potential accommodation options, please see this page.