Hand Weeding Fork
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Hand Weeding Fork

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Hand-made in Holland, each Sneeboer hand fork has been hand-forged in the finest stainless steel, individually shaped, polished and sharpened by hand before being fitted with a fine quality ash handle.

A robust and compact Sneeboer hand fork with three round tines that'll cut through the ground with ease making breaking up and cultivating easy.

Made to Sneeboer's exacting standards, you can expect it to last a lifetime.

Product information:

  • Width of head:    7 cm
  • Length of head:    11.5 cm
  • Length of handle:    14 cm
  • Total length:    29 cm
  • Number of spikes:    3
  • Length of spikes:    10 cm
  • Between spikes:    3 cm
  • Weight:    0.25 kg
  • Type of tool:    Fork, Hand Tools
  • Function of tool:    Digging, Planting, Weeding
  • Material of handle:    Ash wood

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