Jekka's Herb Farm Honey

Jekka's Herb Farm Honey


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At Jekka's we have three hives to support the biodiversity and natural ecosystem at the farm. Visitors to the herb farm can view our herbs, such as the Lavenders and Thymes, covered with busy working honey bees.

Our honey bees feed on the herbs in Jekka's Herbetum from the early flowering Rosemarys in spring to the later flowering Creeping Savory in Autumn. This results in an unique herb flavour that changes from season to season.

We use our honey to sweeten our Herbal Infusions and find it is always good on toast!

It is a raw artisan honey.

Our honey is sold in 227g 8 oz net jars and is raw artisan honey.

Larger jars are available from the farm during our herb experiences or open days.

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