"The Alchemy of Food" Master Class, 18th September 2021
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"The Alchemy of Food" Master Class, 18th September 2021

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Throughout the ages spices have held three functions in cooking; medicinal, as preservatives and for seasoning. Through her “Alchemy of Food” masterclass, author and food scientist, Kumud Gandhi, explores the chemical, medicinal and nutritional benefits of the spice cupboard, delving beneath the flavour benefits of herbs and spices to examine their organic qualities to discover the real “reasons to season”.

There is a strong relationship between the chemistry of food and the impact on our human biology and Kumud demonstrates that fantastic flavour profiles and great nutrition need not be mutually exclusive. Taking inspiration from dishes across the globe Kumud will also showcase how to blend spices successfully to get the most out of recipes from both a nutritional and flavour perspective.

Kumud will then guide you through the preparation of a variety of dishes including; butternut squash and chickpea tagine, Lebanese kibbeh and caponata. You will also get hands on creating Kumud’s award winning chilli and fennel spice blend- which is not only a delicious and versatile marinade but packed with herbs and spices that are beneficial to the cardiovascular, immune and digestive systems.

Your new found knowledge will revolutionise the way you cook and use ingredients in the future.

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